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Hair Apothecary Studio is proud to be the only Thornbury hair salon to offer hair cuts specifically tailored to men,

including a classic straight razor shave & beard tailoring.


Barber services are provided in a classic barbershop chair.  


Men's Cut & Style


Let our barber give you the perfect style you have always wanted.

Classic Straight Razor Shave


Treat yourself to the luxury of a classic shave.

A hot towel is applied to the face, as well as a pre-shave oils and rejuvenating lather

of cream to ensure you get the closest and most comfortable shave possible.

Beard or Moustache Trim


Let our barber tame your burly beard and wild 'stache with a trim

and style to keep you looking better than ever. 

Cut & Shave




Kid's Cut




Buzz Cut


up to $20

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